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I have only ever been to Edinburgh in the winter, December time, but would love to go in the summer. We walked up to the summit or Arthur's Seat and in December it can get pretty nippy up there  :oLiving on the Royal Mile is pretty cool. I'm kind of familiar with Milne's Court having spent some time wandering aound the various courts and closes up and down the (top end mostly) Royal Mile. It's looks like an amazing place to live, the old courtyard buildings from the 1600s with the tall tenements looking down over Princes Street, the Scott Monument and Carlton Hill. I haven't been to Dean Gardens but it does looks beautiful and so close to one of the hotels we stayed in.I liked the ghost tour under the North Bridge (or was it the South Bridge, I can't remember), the Tron Kirk with the remains of one of the closes underneath, St. Giles' Cathedral, my girlfriend has always wanted to eat in The Witchery, Greyfriars Kirkyard with the story of Greyfriars Bobby and the MacKenzie poltergeist, the National Museum of Scotland plus all the numerous drinking establishment we tried on our three visits, amongst others. You must have seen some great stuff living there for a year!My mother's side of the family come from Cumberland/Westmorland (present day Cumbria), my father is Hungarian, so during the wars my ancestors were fighting on opposite sides! I love Appleby-in-Westmorland, the original market town of Westmorland and the only town to retain the county's name in it's title. But there are so many beautiful places in Cumbria. I will have to come back to that in more detail at another time.I work in the local hospital and Eastbourne (did you see the eastbourne photos on Jablum?) has been my home for a few years now. It is not a permanent fixture as we plan to move again back 'up north', possibly, hopefully, when the circumstances are right. I'll continue this after work.