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Hey there Chris.  Yeah, Edinburgh was incredible.  I was lucky to live there for a year.  The weather never really got “bad”, you know?  The worst part was January, when the sky never seemed to light up but even that wasn't all bad.  I loved the long days in the summer.  I actually lived ON the Royal Mile!  It was awesome, right down from the castle, in this old building from the 17th century called Milne's Court.  So yeah, I walked the one minute walk up to the castle many a night to just sit and think. Went to Holyrood twice (I had a Historic Scotland membership) and definitely did Mary King's Close.  I wandered the city all the time, finding little nooks and crannies, like Dean Gardens, where you can be in the heart of the city and not hear a city noise at all, or Charlotte Square, with it's amazing Georgian architecture or a hike up to the top of Arthur's Seat, or eat at a place that Benjamin Franklin and David Hume dined at.  I would love to live there again.  Even my friends from the rest of the UK and Ireland admitted it was the most beautiful city on either island.  I actually have a copy of a city map of Edinburgh from the 19th century.  It's amazing, honestly, to see how much it's remained the same.Thanks for the compliments about the photography.  I'd like to think I'm a raw ore that needs to be refined.  There's potential, maybe. ;)So your family comes from Cumbria originally?  Which part?  What do you do in Eastbourne?  I'd rather live in the UK at this point, than the US, even with it's fault.  But New Zealand...New Zealand takes precedence over all.  Also, historically, it's interesting to look at NZ and see the influence of English landscape on how the landscape of the two islands was developed.  Where did you go when you were there?And Jamie, thanks for the compliment!  I have a few from Durham as well, including the inside of the cathedral which I learned (a bit late) that you couldn't take pictures on the inside. SO, I have a pic of Bede's tomb!  When we get to those lovely Norman arches, I'll be sure to post them. ;)