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It is a really strange period in British history, but one that is replete with interesting events. There was massive social upheaval, the Empire had reached its height and would begin descent, there was legislative reform and all kinds of interesting events in Ireland. What Downton is pure Soap Opera. I like the costumes but the plots got silly, WW1 seemed to flash past and then suddenly it was heading for classic soap opera. I think actually Downton is more interesting in what it tells us about how modern Britain is still a little trapped by its past. Not in the good, learning history for fun/education way, but in a really can't quite face the present and hankering back for some mythic golden era. Downton sort of depicts the worst class obsessed servility of the English and the unpleasant narrow mindedness that is a sort of feature of our national character (hey when you are as cool as us, you have to have some flaws, right?!)Granted we aren't as bad with the Downton era as we are with the bloody WW2 obsession but that is a whole other post......