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I tend to rather enjoy Pryor's books.  But I'm not a gigantic fan of Britain AD, nor the documentary that was based upon it.  The main reason is his position on the Anglo Saxon invasions.  It seems like it's pretty fashionable right now to claim that Britain wasn't invaded by [insert culture], or at least throw mud at it.  And while we can say “Well, we don't know if there was a Beaker or Celtic invasion because all we have are dig sites, etc.”  I don't think that applies to the Anglo Saxons.  Largely because we have Gildas writing in the 500's.  Was he completely reliable?  No.  But given the sudden cultural shift in areas and Gildas' reports of invasions and atrocities, I really don't know how you get to “Meh, it was probably just cultural bleed.” Of course, I'm simplifying an entire book to a paragraph, and Pryor's writing is excellent as always.  And whenever I read him, I lament the fact that I didn't become an archaeologist.  But I can't say that it would go on my recommended reading list.