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You are very right there, after all, even gravity is a theory.  'Facts' can change and the beauty of science and history is that they're always open for opinion and debate.  From an amateur point of view I'm inclined to believe what the PHDs and professionals offer, so if they think invasions happened or didnt, I'll go with them.

Me too, what do I know compared to the minds of those who have studied in their particular fields for years?.....if anyone knows what they are talking about it is the scholars, that's what we bank on really. But then there are very enthusiastic amateurs. They might not have a Phd or spent years around dig sites etc. etc. but I am sure they are capable of piecing together the already known facts and coming up with credible (and probable) theories of their own. Heck, I guess even I could but I don't fancy those odds very much as I mentioned just a moment ago, what do I know? Not a lot  ???Take Jamie, for instance. It's pretty cool when he comes up with his own little theories about what could have happened based on his own research and opinions, makes the listening more interesting. Do we believe him? That is the question. I do  ;)