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Pryor is an excellent archaeologist. My concern about his Anglo Saxon theory is that it is outside of his scope a little and seems to discount Gildas. Not to mention Legend which serves as an oral history. Trusting PhD's is something I do too. But what do you do when they disagree? There seems to be precious little consensus as everyone has their own pet theory. For example, this controversy and the Edward II thing that was mentioned elsewhere. For my part I try to keep an open mind and present credible theories. Though some hit the cutting room floor like Legio IX in China. Now Levi's are one of my favorite arguments and I think I actually used it in the Celtic migration episode. Or maybe McDonald's. But the thing is that an argument like that breaks down when you have written historical record discussion the event.  If we had Crom writing about all these beaker making people invading and killing his friends, we'd have a harder time saying "meh, it was probably just cultural bleed."I absolutely buy the cultural spread of beaker people and Celtic culture. Trade would have allowed for significant cultural changes. I would imagine that there were maybe small migrations and the rest was done by trade. But as for the anglo Saxons? I think they came over in waves and integrated with the native population. I'm not saying that they were all displaced (though Wales would probably have been a refuge) but my guess is that unlike earlier shifts, this one was initiated by invasion and integration. I also believe in the Norman invasion. ;)