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Thanks for the recommendations, I will check them out  :)I think the subject of archaelology, scholars and trends is quite an interesting debate and one that could see various viewpoints. I agree that facts and theories are born from trends, that's one part of the natural progression of an idea and to prove or disprove that idea based on what is discovered, whether we believe it or not. Something that is believable now may not be in 10 years time so trends develope into something else and something else again, particularly when those trends have change because of an individual's idea or theory. Trends usually start from one thing.But do we ever really settle on one theory and say 'yes, that's definitely happened this way' ?I like the bit about Levis and Coke bottles; archgaelogists in the future will be able to read massive amounts of entire histroies of just about every nation preserved for such future peoples by simply looking it up, probably through a tv, computer or whatever there is going to be around then. There will probably be technology that scans and reproduces a 3D model of the ground underneath so you don't have to dig (but I guess where is the fun in that).