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A Brief History Of The Anglo Saxons by Geoffery Hindley is one I've read.  It was pretty good, even had my mother in law reading it for a bit…(!)  It wasnt the most exciting book (as it could have been) but it was a good read.  I haven't read Britain AD yet but its on my list.  I will speak a bit in Pryors defense.  Its easy to say sweeping changes were caused by sweeping invasions but the truth is usually grey area.  Archaeology thought famers 'invaded' Britain from Europe in the Neolithic until science and more archaeology has sort of proved otherwise.  An archaeologist in Britain 2000 years from now might find a lot of Levis and Coke bottles but it doesnt mean Britian was invaded by Americans.... or does it?  And I think if scholars opinions are forming a trend, that's how theories and facts are born, no?  What do you think?