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I'm with you on the love for the political and social structures that came from the Anglo Saxons.  But since everyone concentrates on the Anglo Saxons, the English are rarely regarded as having any Celtic ties.  And I love Edgar and so many of the 9th and 10th century Anglo Saxon kings and how they created such a wonderfully organized state for the time.  So, in conclusion, haha, I suppose I've always liked Anglo Saxon society and all of that…I just want a bit more Celtic continuity in English history.  That the English are a sum total of every period of British history, you know?  *Tiniest violin in the world plays for Drew*I don't know, it's unanswerable and everyone's gonna have their own opinion...but what I do know for a FACT is that Maximus killed Commodus and restored the Roman Republic.  And no one can ever, ever take that away from me.  *crickets chirping*