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On a personal note, I think the reason why I desire a native population's continuity in England is that I like to feel some sort of connection with that Celtic past.  So, I've always been interested (interested without actually investigating, mind you) in figuring out what aspects of Celtic culture (eg music, et al) that did survive the Anglo-Saxon invasion.  So HUGE bias on my part. ;)

Same here, exactly the same! Feeling that you want to be part of something as significant as the Celtic past is important, probably, to a lot of people. I understand this and there is probably bias on my part as well but I try to remain open minded at the same time to the Anglo-Saxons and how they ultimately changed the majority of the peoples on this isle over time. I look at the is way, without the Anglo-Saxon invasion, where do you think Britain would be politcally, scientifically, culturally today? I think we would be very different people indeed. For starters the language instead of being English (Anglo-Saxon ties) would most likely have much stronger ties to British (Celtic ties) or one of it later dialects anyway: Cornish, Welsh, Cumbric or Breton. Anyway, I know what you mean.Oh, and Clive Owen's 'King Arthur' got that right  ???    erm, well, maybe not. Don't you just hate Hollywood sometimes  >:(