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Jamie, your comment didn't come off as terse to me. I think your arguments are 100% and I agree with you although I can't form an opinion on Bede and Gildas as I simply haven't read enough of their texts to do so….but hey, I take your word for it. You know more than I do. The thing with Pryor is that I think he actually likes being different from the tried and tested archaeological posse and, to me certainly, he stands out from the crowd with his more radical ideas about what could have happened. This is what I like about him. He is also solid in his knowledge in other areas (and I guess you agree as you like Britain BC) and being an authority on such matters shows that he does know what he's talking about.....most of the time  ??? I've not actually had that much time to read Britain AD but I am working on it and I'll be able to discuss in more length what I think about the book then.So, I believe they invaded, Drew believes they invaded and you believe they invaded......hummm, I think we're getting somewhere  :D