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Wow! There's been some interesting stuff going on here since I looked last. I'll try and say something about about each post.Drew, I totally agree with you that wherever you go people will be a mix of different groups/cultures, and in this particular case, immigrants or invaders and I certainly believe that genetic evidence can in some ways support theories based on gene pools and how the different cultures mixed over a period of generations. I have not looked into this so I cannot form an opinion. Oh, and the stuff I read was years ago, mostly small articles and journals. I can't remember most of it. It was the early 90's and as a student, like many, I spent a lot of time in the pub systematically destroying brain cells with my preferred beer of choice and talking b******t most likely, so I am not surprised I can't remember. Heck, I struggle to remember what I did last week  ??? Shocking, I know!! Stenton does look like an interesting read though.How the numbers of these peoples supposedly coming over in swathes is calculated is debatable to me but when numbers are referred to as relative small, this I find can be misleading. Relatively small by today's standards maybe, especially as populations then were obviously a great deal fewer but these smaller numbers back then would, to me, appear quite substantial. But yes, the trend of peoples migrating to Britain had to start somewhere, continuing for thousands of years. I should imagine that we are talking about more than just a small amount because, I like you, believe the Anglo-Saxons did invade and when you invade you don't just take a few of your family and friends along for the ride and see which bit of land you like most, you take an army (or equivalent in size and fearsome reputation, relatively speaking that is, back then) to get the job done; the invasion I speak of ultimately becomes a migration when the different cultures mixed to a point of becoming a more unified people over a longer period of time.