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Ok, that response might have been a little terse.  I've had a hell of a week and I wrote this while exhausted and stressed.  So I apologize that it came off as… well… rude.So please allow me to rephrase.  The thing that has frustrated me about the Pryor argument on Anglo Saxons is that we have primary sources to rely upon and he doesn't really seem to address them.  We have Gildas writing about the defense of the island in the 500's.  We have Pope Gregory encountering Angles from Northumbria in the 570s.  We have Bede in the 700's recording stories of the Anglo Saxon invasions.  We have dig sites of Anglo Saxon material being found that, at least to me, supports their account of an invasion.  And we have oral histories regarding that invasion.  And I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the Brits would invent a false invasion myth or why Gildas, Bede, or Gregory would be lying.  I really think it's a gaping hole in Pryor's thesis and I wish he would have addressed it.But that being said, I'm not an absolute authority on this material.  And I've seen the arguments you have been making elsewhere so I know you're well read and I bet you have some counter arguments.  So please don't let my grouchy post shut down the thread.  If you're interested, I'd love to read your thoughts on this stuff or on Misanthable's genetic stuff (her arguments, not her genetic structure... though I'm fairly certain she's a genetically engineered cyborg from the future).