Re: Re: Did the Anglo Saxons invade Britain?



But widespread integration surely would be backed up by the genetic evidence, no?  Plus, peoples, really anywhere, are going to be a varied mix of immigrants.  As it's been shown, people have been migrating to Britain for thousands of years, with the Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking and Norman invasions happening relatively recently and with, it seems, relatively small numbers.  Now, tell me what books to read with modern scholarship that you're reading.  What were the theories you had read years ago about British origins?  I now feel that I have to read Stenton.I put this up in the book rec section but thought I'd add that Chris Wickham's The Inheritance of Rome has a fascinating break down of Anglo-Saxon political structures in the second half of the millenium.There's more I could say, but eh, I've got a headache.  I wish we could all just sit around, have a drink and discuss this stuff in person. I really miss having these conversations.  :)