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I read your response to me and your post to Jamie.  I would be quite interested in the Canadian perspective on British history.  Growing up in America has certainly given me a bent to history that I think is skewed.  Americans can be very self-focused.  I am aware of Canada, but know very little about it.  I don't recall being taught much if anything about Canada while in school (high school or college).  There is so much to learn.  One source for me of a bit of Canadian history was watching the first or second season of “Upstairs, Downstairs.”  The main female character goes off to visit her relatives in Canada (and winds up dying on the Titanic).  The discussion of why her relatives went to Canada was interesting.  I like to learn the origins and underpinnings of our modern world through history.  I hope that when Jamie gets to more modern British history he can expand the discussion to include Canada.Laura