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Surely as time goes on and more things are dug up the dark ages will shrink until the label isnt used at all

I hope this never happens. The whole implication of brutality, lack of culture, agricultural and intellectual decline is a unique expression for the term 'Dark Ages' . It perfectly describes this period and Jamie's and Inquisitor's definition backs this up, and at the very least it is an apt description for the first half of the Early Middle Ages anyway.Looking at it this way, metaphorically speaking, the light of the Roman Empire was bright but it wasn't that bright so when the Romans said 'sod this I'm outta here', yes, things got a little darker, well quite a lot darker but not so much we couldn't see our own hands in front of our faces. The light was dim and this meant it could only get brighter, it's just that it took quite a long time to do so. But then picking yourself up after a heavy fall after having the wind knocked out you takes a little bit time. The Dark Ages is like getting back on your feet again.