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I've always loved history and the US only had a history that is just over 200 years while in Europe the history is thousands of years old.  It's interesting to see how decisions made thousands of years ago still affect us.

While it is a future topic for the BHP I would say that American history really starts in the 1600 with the English Civil Wars and possible as far back as the 1200s if one considers the Magna Carta. The English Civil wars and the battle of Protestants v. Catholics really set the stage for the Pilgrim and Puritan emigration to America. The feelings towards religion and the real fear of a state endorsed religion with all of its baggage and mandates was a large reason why America had the 1st Amendment. A lot of the letters of that era reflect the almost current events fears of religious power. Of course many of the ideas of freedom in what would become America is also tied to the ideals of the Magna Carte. So while Americans tend to think of their country as only a few hundred years old, European events, especially English ones probably had a great deal of pertinence to American history. Least I should forget, there were people in America long before Europeans. Americans tend to forget that at one time their future country hosted one of the largest  cities in the world. FWIW the Cahokians, in present day Illinois, had a thriving civilization between 600-1400 CE. It just is that they did not have a society that survived the European invasions. To the victor go the spoils. It is why we also have a difficult time knowing and understanding the culture of the Druids and Celts.