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Ah, I've got a CK2 story! Gather round…I was playing House Ua Briain (Kingdom of Munster), and I was in a fairly comfortable situation. My previous character had set up a couple of advantageous marriages, which coupled with a bit of military might had taken my current character from only controlling half of Munster, to Duke several times over, controlling enough of Ireland that I could have created the Kingdom of Ireland if only I'd had (a lot) more money. "No problem!" I thought. "I may be in my twilight years, but my one and only adult son should be able to sort that out. By this time next generation, we'll be millionaires Kings!".At this point, my long-time wife died of natural causes, taking my alliance with Dorset to the grave with her. "This won't do!" I thought. "I need a new Ally Wife!". A brief look through the local singles section later, I had a perfect match - a 22 year old Welsh Princess! Gwynedd + Munster = BFF4EVAA few months later, I get a notification. My hot young wife is pregnant! "There's life in the old dog yet" I thought. "An heir and a spare, that's what I say". Four pregnancies later, I wasn't so chipper anymore. I'm 99% sure she's cheating on me (how could she??), but since neither my character nor Spymaster suspect anything, there's nothing I can do in-game (except get her killed for no apparent in-game reason, but I didn't want to go down the kin-slayer route). "No big deal" I thought. "What's the worst that could happen?".A few years later, my character died at the ripe old age of 68. Never having suspected a thing about his lecherous wife, he passed on with a smile on his face, content in the knowledge that he had left House Ua Briain on the brink of greatness.New character! The once and future king of Ireland, no less! Let's see what we've got to play with this generation. Decent stats, good. Gets along with his vassals, excellent. Married to a diplomatically skilled lass, perfect. Just gonna check his relationship status with his family members now. Siblings are ok, in the 20s-40s. Stepmother is at 100, wow! Let's take a closer look..."Your lover."wat.I'M A MONSTER!!!!Not only have I -not- been producing heirs with my actual wife, I've been busy producing an increasing amount of rival claimants with my steplovermother!!! Not only that, my dearest siblings also carry the blood of Gwynedd, so I now have a former ally getting all chummy with my rival claimants, looking hungrily at my father's hard-earned lands.I think I'll play a pagan next. They're probably a lot less depraved than this lot...