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Hee Hee, we always beat the French.In fact, we are undefeated in all 7 major conflicts since US independence; Napoleonic, Crimea, East Asia (Various), WW1, WW2, Korea, Gulf Wars.Reminds me of a T-Shirt I saw before the 2nd Gulf War: A picture of a British Bulldog strangling Saddam, in the back ground was a concussed Hitler, a Sinking Warship and concussed generic continentals, with the legend "Mess with the Best End Up Like the Rest"I don't condone the causal racism of the T-Shirt but it does remind me that deep down, what the British really, really like is a fight (Are you ready for a war!) Now, if you flip it round you could see how this view would be the view of an offensive conqueror by the other side, but since we won and it is our history we view them as heroic victories (albeit that we are currently going through an unwarranted level of post colonial guilt).