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Honestly, most people I've met are completely unaware of it. It was never mentioned in my school's history lessons (but them nor were the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Plantagenets, the Restoration, the American War of Independence, the Raj, or the Napoleonic wars. If you wanted a good view of what it was like to be a farmer or a coal miner in the industrial revolution or a WW1 conscientious objector, then you might be in luck!)I have covered the 1812 war in my self taught history, but it seems a little irrelevant to British history. It was a minor oversea's action during the frankly far more important Napoleonic struggle, which deter,inked the course of European colonial expansion for the next 150 years, and included some of Britains greatest battles, generals, soldiers and hero's. The War of Indepndence doesn't feel major to us. It is ancient history. It was major of course. World changing, but for us it isn't a mythic event. Some of the mythos seems overblown, and it is irritating to be constantly portrayed as brutal oppressors when the reality was a lot, lot more complex. The gross misrepresentation of the Boston Massacre is pretty galling as they were in reality a small group of soldiers surrounded and provoked heavily by a mob. Worth a read up on the actual facts from the trial records. I'm sure Jaime will do both sides justice. Also the British administration at the time was notorious incompetent so we have very little glory to find in the war. I'd love to run the thought experiment of what would have happened if Wellington and Nelson had been in charge of the American Theatres of War after the early death of Napoleon. I guess every war depends on your POV, and no one likes to think of their own side as the bad guys as if there is such a thing.