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We tend to OD on Christmas movies on Thanksgiving and the weekend after.  When “Home Alone” came out on VHS, my cousins and I would watch that one while our folks were doing grown-up things after Thanksgiving dinner.  I haven't watched that one in ages, though – but I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately, so maybe I should give in and find a copy.  Right now, "Love Actually" is my favorite flick to watch at this time of the year.  And not just because it's got most of my actor-crushes in it, either, thankyouverymuch.  Other flicks we tend to watch when they're on:The Grinch (the original version, not that awful Jim Carrey thing)A Christmas Story (my mother haaaaates this movie so much - so naturally I turn on the station that plays it for 24 hours straight and then hide the remote)all Muppet holiday specialsall Charlie Brown specials Miracle on 34th Street