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Oh yeah…William the Conqueror, King Edward I, an ancestor that came over on the Mayflower as well…There are many more but that is just to name a couple. Found out too that through the kings in Britain that my mum and dad are actually related, kind of strange, but everyone is related somehow lol. I actually was staying in Wales when I was there but went to London twice, once in the autumn and once the week of Christmas. I was told by my ex's nan that I had to see the Christmas tree that Norway gives you all every year, took pictures of that, and I really loved London, probably my favorite city in the world, well that I have been to so far. The only other place I have been outside the U.S. is Canada. But I have been to NYC, Orlando, Florida, and D.C. just to name a few and I really love London the most. My favorite place I went to in London was the Tower of London, and the park by Buckingham Palace. When I went to London I stayed at a hotel in Waterloo, and also went through Victoria Station a couple of times, is that near your area? My least favorite place in London was Oxford Street, far too busy for me, too many people lol.