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lol Cadbury chocolate is definitely better than Hersheys. I grew up on Hershey's but now really only buy Cadbury's. Oh and I thought of another thing that I absolutely love from your country, even order it online, cheaper than buying it at Walmart for a tiny box…PG Tips tea. I actually made a really good lamb recipe that I got off Jamie Oliver's website for Christmas, my dad really loved it too. We also like parnsips as well. One thing I didn't try, that I heard a lot of people like there is Black Pudding. I was offered it but found out what was in it and couldn't bring myself to try it. My ancestry actually comes from Britain as well, my great great great grandfather was born in London, and came to America when the potato famine happened in Ireland in the 1800's, his father was from Ireland and left there to move to Wales to work in the mines, but then they started to close so they moved to London and didn't find any jobs there either so left from there to come here.