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Hmm…I had many favorite foods, some of which I have learned to make here back in America via Jamie Oliver's website and some others as well. My whole family and many of my friends now like Welsh Cakes. I also like the homestyle pasta bake, and cheese and onion pasties. I also enjoy the kababs there better than here, especially with the garlic sauce and ketchup. Really liked the fish and chips as well. I also love monster munch, and cadbury chocolate. I also liked the pubs better there as well. I think I really enjoyed Britain more than I do the U.S. As for things I didn't like…the sausages, maybe cause I ate them so often it got old lol. I also didn't like Irn Bru soda, sorry forget how to spell it. That is about all I didn't like lol. I also now watch Top Gear, Corination Street, Bear Grylls, really liked how many less adverts you all have there as well, and I now love Queen. Just to write a bit more about myself. :) Any other new foods I should maybe try that I could maybe make here?