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Wow! I've been away for nearly three weeks and so much has happened on the forum. I am looking forward to catching up and reading through the posts since my last appearance.I was in the process of getting some photos of the interior ruins of Pevensey Castle, the second half of the 1066 Country walk from Battle to Rye and some photos for Jamie from the British Museum, that is until I got a chest infection the first week and the second week I was due to have a particularly awkward widsom tooth removed. I got the tooth removed but it got infected three days later so I had a nasty weekend last with a few days of hideous pain  :'( :'( :'( but I was well looked after by my girlfriend and the concoction of painkillers and antibiotics eventually did the job in the end.....I am a wimp though when it comes to dental pain.I was back at work today, typically though it just happens to be my birthday so I have spent a very tiring day wishing I wasn't there. What sucks is that I still have a day of meds to take so I can't even have a drink  >:(  Never mind.We have planned to go to London tomorrow so with any luck I can try and get some photos for Jamie from the British Museum as I said I would a while back.Anyway, I am glad to be back on the forum. Just the one post tonight but back in the swing of things on Sunday and hopefully with some photos. Looking forward to it.