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Thanks Jamie, appreciate your kind words  ;D  Compared to other people on that site I am a novice. I don't take it (photography) too seriously and haven't even picked up my camera for months…..shame on me  :-I would say these are the best of the bunch from previous projects etc. (and I do have some awful photos as well) but I still have some more to add that I haven't yet managed to check over and maybe edit. My holiday to Switzerland last year was an epic as far as photography is concerned, taking over 2,500 photos  :o so you can understand why I haven't done that little job yet.I love photographing landscapes and buildings(ruins preferably) and when I get the opportunity I will try and take some better photos for this forum, but I also like just messing around with the camera and seeing what I come up with.Going to add some Battle Abbey photos that have been rescued from the bin as they were a bit crap but thankfully photoshop elements saved them. They're not great but they'll do until I go again, hopefully soon as we are now officially in British Summer Time  :) and I live about 18-20 miles away from battle itself.