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Magnentius – Usurping rebel emperor.  A barbarian general serving under Constans.  He rebelled and proclaimed himself Emperor, and his men ran down and killed Constans.  Magnentius was supported by Britannia and was later defeated and killed by Emperor Constantius II.Magnus Maximus - Emperor of Rome.  Magnus was a Spaniard who was proclaimed Emperor of Rome in 383 by the British legions.  He was probably part of Count Theodosius' fight against the Barbarian Conspiracy, and it's believed he had some sort of family relationship to Theodosius I.  He successfully lead a civil war where he killed Emperor Gratian and was recognized as the Emperor of the West.  He later crossed the Alps to defeat Valentinian II, but Emperor Theodosius I was ready for him and defeated his army.  He died in 388 at Aquileia.Marcellus Ulpius - Governor of Britannia appointed by Perennis.  He was known for his brutal discipline and was hated by the legions despite his victories in battle.Marcus - Usurping Emperor who was proclaimed in Britannia in the Fifth Century.  He was killed by his army shortly thereafter and replaced by Gracian.Marcus Aurelias - Emperor of Rome. Appointed successor to Antoninus by the dying Hadrian due to his young age.  He had to wait 24 years before he could take control.  He was a philosopher (stoicism) but he gave that up to rule.  His rule was marked by near constant warfare.Maximian - Diocletian’s buddy and Caesar.  He later became Emperor of the West and Diocletian said he was chosen by Hercules.Nero - 54 AD.  Emperor of Rome.  Primarily caused problems for Britannia due to his draconian policies regarding the acquisition of land.  Additionally, he considered giving up the province briefly but decided against it.  He committed suicide in 68 AD.Niall of Nine Hostages - The High King of Ireland in the Fifth Century who raided Britannia.Otho - Rival emperor during the Year of the Four Emperors, and supported by Britannia’s 14th Legion.  He was defeated by Vitellius and the 14th was sent back to Britannia.Paulus Catena - “Paulus The Chain” was a brutal witch hunter sent to Britannia to find rebels in the military.  He soon expanded into the civilian population and caused a great deal of pain upon the Britons.  He was later recalled and eventually burned alive under the command of Emperor Julian in 361 or 362.Pelagius - British Monk from the fourth and fifth century who founded a British Heresy, Pelagianism.  He was originally a pagan and went to Rome to study law, but ended up converting and spent his life trying to move Christianity along a different path.  The change that ended up causing his movement to be branded as a heresy was his denouncement of the concept of Original Sin, professed by St. Augustine from the same era.Perennis - The praetorian prefect who was really running the empire when Commodus was Emperor.Pertinax - (Publius Helvitius Pertinax)Governor of Britannia who replaced Marcellus Ulpius and rival of Perennis.  The British legions tried to make him Emperor, and he refused... then severely punished the rebels.  He was later forced out of Britannia by hostile legions and then proclaimed emperor by the Praetorian Prefect.  He was later assassinated thanks to that same praetorian prefect.Pescennius Niger - Proclaimed Emperor following the murder of Emperor Pertinax.  He was defeated and killed by Emperors Severus and Albinus.Petillius Cerialis - Legate of the Ninth legion and one of the few of his men who managed to survive Boudica’s ambush.  He was appointed Governor of Britannia in 71 AD by Emperor Vespasian.  He later forced Venutius from the Brigantian throne.Petronius Turpilianus - Roman Governor following Suetonius.  He was the kind, cuddly Governor that followed Suetonius’ genocidal bloodlust.Postumus - (Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus)Emperor of The Gallic Empire.  He came from a common background in Germania.  He was a talented commander.  He was proclaimed Emperor over an issue with booty.  He held off the Roman empire, but when he refused to march on Rome he was killed by his own men.Prasutagus - King of the Iceni.  Probably installed following the failed rebellion of 47 AD.  Husband of Boudica.Priscus - British Legate who was nearly appointed Emperor in 185 AD, but refused the title.Probus - Emperor of Rome. The Successor of Emperor Aurelian, he spent a large part of his time fighting various rebelling provinces.Pytheas - 325 BC.  The greek navigator arrived at our island and encountered a people he called the Pretani (“painted” or “tattooed”) and named the island Pretannike (“land of the painted people”).Quintus Veranius - Governor of Britannia in 57 AD.  He sought the conquest of Wales.  He barely survived a year in Britannia, though he might have laid some ground work for his predecessor, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus.Scapula - (Publius Ostorius Scapula) Governor of Britannia following Aulus Plautius in 47 AD.  He annexed Camulodunom, reorganized the defenses against Caractacus’ rebellion, and disarmed the friendly tribes.  He sought to commit genocide upon the Silures, who sided with Caractacus.  Eventually, he forced a battle with Caractacus at Llanymynech and was victorious.  Caractacus fled, leaving his family to Scapula.Septimus Severus - The last standing Emperor of Rome following the Year of the Five Emperors.Sextus Julius Frontinus - Roman Governor who replaced Petillius Cerialis in 74 AD.  He fought against the Silures and their neighbors.Stilicho - Vandal general who was the defacto ruler of the West during much of the Reign of Honorius.  He served under Theodosius I and commanded his massive army that brought down Constantine III.  He was also married to Theodosius' neice, Serena, and he later became the son in law of Theodosius when Serena was adopted.  Stilicho also claimed that Theodosius ordered him to watch over Arcadius and Honorius, and used that alleged order to dominate Honorius and attempt to seize the East as well.  Stilicho spent much of his time in control fighting with the east, fighting with Alaric, or fighting with Constantine III.  Though he also may have crossed over into Britannia and put an end to the Second Pictish War.  Maybe.  In the end he was beheaded in a coup.Suetonius - (Gaius Suetonius Paulinus) Governor of Britannia in 59 AD.  He fought the Silures, destroyed Mona and the druids there, fought and defeated Boudica.  Following Boudica’s defeat, he conducted a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the south of Britannia.  Also, he climbed the Atlas mountains when he was younger.Tacitus - Roman historian and son-in-law to Governor Agricola.Tetricus - Emperor of the Gallic Empire.  Placed in power by Emperor Victorinus’ mother, he ruled the Gallic Empire until it was dismantled by Emperor Aurelian of Rome.Theodosius - Father of Emperor Theodosius I.  A Spanish Count who was responsible for bringing the Barbarian Conspiracy to an end.  He was later executed in Carthage for unknown reasons, but it's suspected that it had to do with factional conflicts following the death of Emperor Valentinian.  Theodosius I - Emperor of Rome.  Emperor Theodosius was the son of Count Theodosius, who brought the Barbarian Conspiracy to an end.  He was elevated to Emperor by Gratian following the defeat (and death) of Emperor Valens at the hands of the Goths.  A capable administrator and general, Theodosius eventually defeated the forces of Emperor Magnus Maximus.  He brought in draconian Christian religious laws, under the influence of Ambrose.  He (and his gothic army) defeated Eugenius, the usurper Emperor of the West.  For half of his reign, Britannia was in rebel hands, so a lot of what Theodosius did didn't have a direct impact on Britannia.  He died in 395 AD, leaving his two sons, Honorius and Arcadius as Emperors of the empire.Titus - Emperor of Rome. Son of Vespasian, took the throne in 79 AD.  Died of a fever in 81 AD.Togodomnus - The son of king Cunobelinus and king of the Catuvellauni in the first century AD.  He later fought against Aulus Plautius during the Claudian Invasion and lost his life during one of the skirmishes.Trajan - Heroic expansionist Emperor of Rome.Trebillius Maximus - Roman Governor following Turpilianus.  He was also a peaceful governor.  But he was deposed due to a mutiny of the 20th Legion, who hated how peaceful these governors were.Valens - Emperor of Rome.  He was the Emperor of the East.  He was the brother of Emperor Valentinian and uncle to Emperor Gratian.  Valens was killed by the Goths in 378 AD.Valentinian - Emperor of Rome.  He was somewhat religiously tolerant for his time.  Though he was hated because he was fairly anti-aristocratic and preferred to spend his time with uncivilized men.  He was the brother of Emperor Valens and father of Emperor Gratian.  He was emperor during the Barbarian conspiracy and was responsible for sending Count Theodosius to Britannia to sort things out while he was dealing with the continental portion of the conspiracy.  He died in 375.Valentinian II - Emperor of Rome.  He was nearly captured by Maximus but managed to escape and outlive him.  Though he never really had any power.  He was a puppet emperor, controlled by Arbogast, who in turn was controlled by Emperor Theodosius I.  Eventually Valentinian II was found hanging.  His death sparked a civil war.Vellocatus - Venutius’ armor bearer and later Cartimandua’s consort.  It is unknown whether he also went into exile with Cartimandua following her defeat.Venutius - King of the Brigante and rebel leader.  He fought against his wife for years and eventually forced her into exile.  Though he, himself, was later deposed by the Roman Governor Petillius Cerialis in 72 AD.Verica - 40 AD.  Also known as Berica.  He was the King of the British Atrebates, ruling at Calleva Atrebatum (modern day Silchester) from around 15 AD to 40 AD.  Unlike his father, Commius, Verica was a friend to Rome and had a solid trade relationship with the empire.  But he was ousted by Caractacus of the Catuvellauni (we’re pretty sure this was Cassivellaunus’ tribe) who wasn’t so friendly to Rome.  Verica convinced Claudius to invade Britannia.Verus - Co-emperor with Marcus Aurelias.  Spent most of his time in the east and really didn’t have any impact on Britannia whatsoever.Vespasian - Legate of the 2nd legion who fought against Caractacus and Togodomnus, and later Emperor of Rome following the Year of the Four Emperors.  He entered the war following Otho’s defeat.Vettius Bolanus - Appointed Governor by Emperor Vitellius after Trebillius Maximus was deposed by the 20th legion and after Emperor Otho was defeated.  He rescued Cartimandua from her rebellious country and, presumably, gave her safe passage to Rome.Victorinus - A competent emperor of the Gallic Empire (he succeeded Postumus) but was brought down by his own officer for sleeping with his wife.Virius Lupus - The Severan commander who was defeated by Albinus in 196.  Later, governor of Britannia, and bribed the tribes of Scotland for peace.  He was recalled in 201 or 202.Virius Nicomachus Flavianus - Praetorian Prefect who supported the usurpation of Eugenius.  He committed suicide following the defeat at the Battle of Frigidus.Vitellius - Governor of Germania and Emperor during the Year of the Four Emperors.  He was supported by Britannia.