Re: Re: Celtic episodes for members are…..



I'm glad you're enjoying them!  I've been thinking about how to handle the transition to the Anglo Saxons.  I have several new things I want to try, such as the Arthurian legends and the Anglo Saxon cooking (and brewing).  But I think I'm going to keep tossing in Celtic myths in from time to time, because we still have a persistent Celtic culture that refuses to die out throughout all of this.  And frankly, some of the myths are just too good to skip.  Most of us grow up hearing Greek myths, and Celtic myths have a dramatically different vibe.There's one I'm thinking about reading about Cuchulain which doesn't have a moral or even a single coherent storyline.  It's just a bizarre collection of events, which almost seems like an oral history (obviously with mythological elements) rather than a myth to teach a lesson or explain why things are the way they are.  I love these myths.  But I'm doing my best to keep it balanced otherwise I'll just bombard the feed with myths.  Haha.If I think of more aspects of Celtic society as we go on, I might toss some more Celtic [insert train] episodes in.