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I totally agree with you that there is still a persistent Celtic culture and quite frankly it is something that I hope never dies out. It is  shame that so much already has. A culture that was so profound and that made so many influences on other cultures should stand the test of time; I did not know who clever Celtic farmers were until today, also how inventive and creative they were. Most people will think of Celts being able warriors, but able warriors with higher moral attitudes than the Romans was certainly exciting to hear (the Celtic farming alone blew my mind at how advanced they were but the way their women were treated, equally, is something the Romans seemed to have bypassed altogether).Anyway, I lost my train of thought there. I am really looking forward to hearing how you will bring the Sub-Roman / Dark Ages, introduction to the Anglo-Saxon period together. I like the idea of the Arthurian legends and of course the the Anglo-Saxon cooking and brewing idea is genius. But yes, please do keep throwing in those Celtic myths from time to time. They may break up the overall flow of the progression of the history but they will always keep things fresh. The Celts were pretty awesome people and I, for sure, would like to hear more about them.