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Very clever!  The book started as a bedtime story I used to tell my daughter.  She was livid when she learned that when we were behind closed doors with my son we gave him sweets!  She really didn't understand the concepts of 'autism' and 'therapy' and who could blame her?  She was 4.  The story is about a family of polar bears, but one of the cubs is born yellow instead of white.  A dear friend of mine in Belgium illustrated it, a graphic artist/animator friend of mine who used to work for Disney and Golden Books has completed the layout, and we're very close to publishing.  It has taken a long time to publish, mostly due to my procrastination, but in part due to having had my hopes up.  In the course of my work, I met Walter Cronkite and the woman who was his assistant.  I struck up a correspondence with the assistant and eventually shared an early version of the book with her.  She wrote to me, "I love this.  Do you mind if I show it to Walter's publishers?"  You can imagine how much angst I spent on deciding how to answer such a question, beating of the breast, that sort of thing.  I think my squeals of delight on reading that question were the cause of several major earthquakes.  Unfortunately, Mr. Cronkite died and the very least of that tragedy is that my book lost its clout in the publishing industry. As to the penguins, they're figurines and the like.  I have one from every country I've visited* and I seem to receive them as gifts rather frequently.  When my husband proposed to me, I replied, "You understand, this means the penguins, too?"  And he said, "Oh.  Hadn't thought of that.  At least black and white suit every decor."  When we visited the Galapagos last year, I finally saw penguins in the wild. *Try as I might, I never found one in Afghanistan.  In my office one of my collections is perpetually consigned to wear a doll burqa as a consequence.