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I am a 13th generation American. My father's family, the Littles, came from England in 1649 and settled in Newburyport, MA. We actually have a genealogy compiled in the 1880's show how all the different lines had descended from George And Alice Little. A farm owned by one of their sons still exists in Newbury and, until given to local historical society in the 90's, was the oldest farm continuously owned by a single family in the US. Apparently the people who did the geology tried to research George Little and Alice Poore's ancestry in England but where only able to find out that Alice's family had lived in one of the shanty homes that lined the London bridge. Guess that is why they struck out for the New World.My mother's family, Beard's, were also from England and came over in the early 1800's. They were whalers in the New Bedford, MA area.