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A quick note Scott, as a student of the State Historian Walter Woodward some years ago, I can assure you that by the 1690s Connecticut was already known as such and a well established colony. Abandoned by the competing Massachusetts and Plymouth governments after the two heavily antagonized the local natives, settlers in Connecticut inherited a brutal (and eventually, genocidal) war against the Pequots in the 1630s that led directly to its “independence” from Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Plantation both culturally and politically :). Early Connecticut history is very rich in this regard, and yet it's generally left unmentioned and forgotten even in my hometown of Glastonbury (then a part of Wethersfield, where the war arguably began).I'm an American (New Englander), but my ancestry's pretty much split down the Irish sides (my nana and granny) and the English sides (grandad and grandfather).The Irish are pretty hard to pin down. The Murphys came from Cork to Springfield, MA in the 1880s and past that all records are lost or nonexistant. I don't even know where the O'Neills (with two L's!) are from. I'd assume Ulster given the name, but I don't know. I'm told I'm distantly related to old Niall, though :). The English side came really early. I have an indentured servant ancestor who came over on the Mayflower. I also know I'm directly related to Mary Towne Eastey (famous Rebecca Nurse's sister), both of whom were executed for witchcraft in Salem by hanging. What's crazy is, even though my dad's from Texas and my mom's from southern Connecticut, I live in Salem now by total chance. I guess ancestry was calling? ;)