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I am a dual British/American citizen. My mom is from Coatbridge, near Glasgow. My gram's side is from Glasgow as far back as we can tell. Gramp's side is all Rothesay and Inverness, from what I can gather. I believe Gram has a bit of English in her because her ancestor names include Shawcross, Blades, and Wilson. We all have the light brown hair and blue eyes of that region, and occasionally a ginger pops up in my family on that side. As for my father's side, I am all American there. On both his mom's side and his dad's side I qualify as a DAR.  His mother's side goes back to William Davis who came here from Wales in the 1660's, about whom a book was written, so I know that family geneology well. His dad's side seems to originate with a pair of brothers in England who stole a waist coat (in the 1750's) on purpose so they would get free passage to America as thieves. Strangely, that sounds very much like dad's dad's side of the family.  Dad's side has mostly Welsh and English, also mostly horrible alcoholics. There is but a smattering of German (one). I am tracing all of his line back to the immigrants to America. All come here before the 1800's, as far as I have been able to find out. 98% of them were Welsh and English. I am not sure I could be more British American than that.