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I'm an American. My heritage is mainly English, but with some Irish, French, Cherokee, and German mixed in.I've done a lot of research into my dad's family history. On my mothers side I know much less as the direct line ends with an Irishman on the run from the law and who disappears from many records as if he didn't exist in the mid-Nineteenth Century.My father's side though I've been able to trace back to their origins (before moving to the American colonies at least) in Canterbury, England. In 1635 the first of this side of my family moved to the new Virginia Colony and settled in New Kent. I'm not entirely certain when the family, or part of it, moved to North Carolina. However, by the time of the American Revolution, all men of age had joined the state's militia forces to fight against the British. Planning on eventually making it out to merry-ol' England in order to see the land many of my ancestors came from.