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On my mother's side I seem to be pure Forest Finn, which is a tribe from Finland, part of which emigrated (by foot) in the 1500s – we've traced the family tree on that side back to Finland and know what the “ur-homestead” is. On my father's side it is somewhat more interesting (to me, that is, because I know less) – on the islands off the far west coast of Norway, in the areas that were among the first to be populated as the ice withdrew, is where my father's family call home. At a glance there is a long family tree, with known continuous settlement (can be presumed to be family) on our little rock at least back to the 1300s, and traces of stone age settlements have been found. So Norwegian, with an exception? But then we started poking, my half-sister and I. And it turns out that many of the villages around consisted mostly of Scots – viking slaves that had bought themself freedom, that is. And there has been much intermarriage with those villages, because, to paraphrase Jamie – they'd be getting some rather unfortunate children if not. The other thing came later, a lovely little story my father used to tell me of two Scottish sisters that drifted across in an open boat during a storm, having rowed across to rescue a sheep stuck on a rock shelf just as the squall came in. They both stayed and married and one of them was my ancestress, according to my father. I loved the story as a child, as a young adult I figured it was a tall tale (he was a sailor and fisherman, they tell tall tales out of habit), but a few years back the story of the sisters was confirmed to me by other, more trustworthy sources, but I haven't yet found out if the part that one of them married into my bloodline is true or where exactly they came from. I do know they were islanders with sheep, much like my own family. So, genetically I Finnish/Norwegian/Scottish, probably in that order. Nowadays I claim to be Swedish despite my passport saying otherwise :)