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I have a few recommendations by James Reston Jr. that I think everyone would like. He has a set of three books that cover much of Medi Eval Europe. The first is The Last Apocalypse: The Year 1000 AD. It covers the Viking transition to Christianity and conquering of large parts of Europe. Very interesting book and a different take on the rise of Christianity in Europe. The next is Warriors of God and it is a different perspective of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. It covers Richard's rise to power, his relationship with Phillip and Saladin and the crusades. At times it can seem a bit historically bias and some of the information (more personal, such as Richard's sexuality) is questionable but all together an excellent read.The third and finale is a masterpiece and it is called Dogs of God and it covers Columbus and the Inquisition. All together awesome read about Europe during the time of the American discovery. Hope this is helpful!