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I haven't read Cornwell's Arthurian trilogy, although I have enjoyed his Saxon books (w/ Uhtred and King Alfred).  But for the Arthurian period, I really enjoyed Helen Hollick's Arthurian trilogy.  Unlike a lot of other Arthurian books, she omits all the magic/Merlin/Lancelot stuff that was added later by the Normans, and concentrates on what actually “might have been”, if you assume that the myth actually has some basis in fact.  She does add connections to pretty much every name you've heard of from that period (so Gwenhwyfar is the daughter of Cunedda, and, IIRC, Cerdic is Arthur's bastard son by I think Hengest's daughter!) but pretty much any Arthurian book is going to involve some suspension of disbelief, and at least she's trying to bring in actual history!I also liked her books on King Harold and Queen Emma, but of course we haven't gotten that far yet...