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I thoroughly enjoyed Bernard Cornwell's trilogy about Arthur (although the focus isn't about him being a king but more so a steward looking after the kindom): 'The Winter King', 'Enemy of God' and 'Excalibur'…..engrossing right to the end. It has a different take on the popular myths but there are many similarities and the characters are likable apart from Mordred, who is just a complete idiot, Lancelot who is a total and utter self-obsessed coward and Nimue who turns out to be an evil and psychotic sadist hell-bent on druidic domination. Great stuff! I could literally spend hours talking about this and have done so in the past with a few friends who have also read these books; surprising how it is usually after a few pints in our local.I also like Cornwell's 'Sharpe' series set during the Napoleonic era. If anyone is familiar with the character Richard Sharpe from the popular tv series then you'd like these as well. Sharpe is just a decent and likable character who starts out as a private and rises through the ranks to become a Lieutenant Colonel and one of the most respected officers in the British Army.