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This summer I'm doing a British history-o-rama with listening to the BHP and reading a couple of British history type books.  One is historical fiction and its called “London” by Edward Rutherfurd, and it's my second time reading this book.  It has the history of London as the backdrop for fictional stories about generations of Londoners.  I like his straight forward way of writing.  Edward Rutherford has also written “Sarum” and “The Forest” which are also fictional books about the histories of specific regions of England.  I've read Sarum (and enjoyed it) but haven't read The Forest yet.  I am also reading a non-fiction, textbook-like book called, “The Land and Literature of England” by Robert M. Adams which, so far, is pretty close to Jamie's version, except that this author holds with the cruel, plundering, slash-and-burn pirate image of the Anglo Saxons.