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I do hope it is more than you and I.  Actually, the unabridged version is narrated by another man.  I noted that he only narrated the first three.  It is Tom something.  I am blurring his name with Tom Sellick, but it is more like Sellwood.  I thought he was great.  I will look it up at some point when a free minute bubbles up in my schedule.

Jamie Glover did books 1-4 of the Saxon Chronicles in the version I heard, all of them are abridged. His narration is brilliant, so full of energy. I am curious to listen Tom Sellwood's version to compare.When I move on to another in the series, I will either have to find an unabridged version or get the kindle version. I don't want to miss anything out. Regarding the discussion, we can wait another week or two and then if anyone else has managed to get through more of the book we can start then.