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I definitely couldn't see an unabridged version on audible.I have finished listening to the abridged version of The Last Kingdom just by walking to work and back this week and I'll just say is short. At five and half hours it does seem to be missing quite a bit so I would suggest that if anyone is interested in this book and they can get through it before the 16th, then read it, or at the very least, try and get the unabridged version instead. While you get the gist of what is happening quite easily, I felt there was much more important detail left out of the abridged version.Jamie, if it isn't too late would it be possible to mention in the next episode (if you decide to announce it) that the unabridged version would be better if anyone can get their hands on it? Failing that the kindle or paper version instead. Cornwell's writing should be read in it's full context as he adds a fair amount of interesting historical detail throughout his books.I don't think I will get time to read this before the 16th (not if I take people's advice about reading GoT) as I wanted to start Cornwell's Harlequin or in the US The Archer's Tale, the first of three books about an English archer set in the 14th century during the Hundred Years War and the search for the Holy Grail.