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Maybe we need Jamie to mention the book club (and movie club) again in a little more detail at the start of another episode to see if that gains some more attention. If it doesn't, there's nothing stopping a small group of two or three people giving it a go and maybe, as part of natural progression, other interested folk might join in as it develops.Laura, I would only go for the abridged version if you are really stuck for time to read it. As I am on a Sharpe book at the moment, I decided to go for the audio version of The Last Kingdom but it looks like maybe a good half of it r more missing as it is only five and half hours long. As I said in my previous post, I feel cheated if I miss out on that much story even if much of it is descriptive with not a lot happening....I like to read/hear the whole thing if I can.Regarding the Arthur series, I don't think you will be disappointed. It is quite different but uniquely so and gripping at the same time. They are Cornwell's favourite books!What is the modern scholar lecture you have been listening to?