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……we could try Bernard Cornwell's the Last King.  He has a series of the Anglo Saxon period.  I just started it last night on my kindle.

Laura, did you mean The Last Kingdom, book 1 from The Saxon Chronicles]? I am glad you mentioned this because I just started listening to this a few days ago. I love the work of Bernard Cornwell, especially his writing style and his use of descriptive detail (not too long, not too short) of the characters and how he builds upon them throughout the stories. I have already mentioned in this post that I liked the Arthur trilogy:  'The Winter King', 'Enemy of God' and 'Excalibur' and the 'Sharpe' series from Cornwell. As you mentioned audible I thought I would give it a go and The Last Kingdom seemed like a good place to start considering where we are up to in the podcast (well, the story as you know starts in 866, some 350-400 years from the current time frame in the podcast where Saxons are the locals and the Vikings are the invaders. The Winter King is much closer to the current dates in the podcast). It has been enjoyable to this listen to walking to work and I have about 2hrs of narration left; this is the abridged version as audible doesn't have an unabridged version. Somehow I feel like I am being cheated.....I would like to have heard the book in its entirety.Enjoy the book  ;)