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I just listened to it, and… this was a perfect example of why I hate, hate, hate call-in shows.  Out of all the listener calls, only Nancy was on-topic. I listen to an awful lot of NPR, including my local station's show "Airtalk" and the recently-departed, sorely-missed "Talk of the Nation".  The hosts are excellent interviewers; they generally do their homework and are reasonably well-informed on the topic at hand... and then they take a listener call and I start shouting at my radio.  Why?  Why?  What could Joe Schmo possibly contribute to this discussion?  Doesn't anybody screen these calls?Anyway, I realize that those people probably call in and humble-brag about their Mayflower ancestors for the same reason I'm typing this now: we all crave an audience.  So I really mustn't grumble.  But oh, it's hard.