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I love the Outlander series!!! It touches SO many different things. 1066 and all that was good. I really enjoy that. Here are some suggestions, even if theyre not really british history...if you're interested in American presidential facts, check out "the secret lives of the US presidents" and "the secret lives of the first ladies" by cormac o'brien. His style of writing is really great (to me, at least) and I love his sense of humor. and this is more of a girly book, but "how to marry an english lord" is about the Gilded age and the American heiresses that married into English aristocracy and about the societies and lives in general. and I was recently lead to "Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking" by Susan Cain that Im really getting into. and "Elizabeth the queen: the life of a Modern Monarch" by sally bedell smith was a very interesting read.