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I have to admit that my passion for British history began with the first Elizabeth movie-I then devoured all fiction historical books related to the Tudors I could get my hands on. I have since moved onto non-fiction ones. My recent fave is A brief history of British kings & queens by Mike Ashley, its very brief and may not always be entirely accurate but it does help keep all the different royal families straight and also covers Scotland and Ireland and Wales royalty.One of my favourite fictional series is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon which covers the Jacobites, Culloden and also the American Revolution. Besides being a love story, its an incredibly detailed (and a little bit of the mystical) but is so detailed about the daily lives of the people and the notion of family/clans in Scotland pre & post Culloden-it has gotten me to widen my interest from my initial fascination with the Tudors!I have to say that my highschool history was so poor (it barely even covered Australian history and ancient history!), I've learnt so much more about the world just in my own readings and in my recent travels!