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I have been enjoying perusing some of the book ideas you have been suggesting.  I also got into British history through the Tudors.  I began with historical fiction and with Henry VIII. I have read Alison Weir, Antonia Fraser and many others whose names escape me on a Friday late in the day.  I got into history after the events of 9/11 began to depress me.  Escaping into the past has been much more rewarding.  I am reading up on Elizabeth I as I write my graduation paper to become a psychoanalyst.  David Starkey is a good historian of Elizabeth.Another good source of history information is the Teaching Company lectures (  If you like well taught history you can't go wrong with anything that Rufus Fears teaches.  He has a way of putting you in the scene of history.  He has lecture series on famous Greeks, famous Romans, Winston Churchill and others.  I highly recommend this source.Laura