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I admit that most of my reading has covered the periods later than the current podcasts.My favorite to date, for a 'official history' has been The Kings and Queens of England, edited by Antonia Fraser.  I have it as an audio book and have listened to it over and over.  Yes, history does repeat itself.Recently, I have been reading "History of the English Church and People" by yes, the Venerable Bede.  It is not what I, as a modern, had expected from a 'history'.  Miracles, magic, etc.  But an interesting window into the world view of a man from the 700's.I am wondering has anyone else read Alison Weir's books?  In every book there is something that makes me say, "Huh?"  For example, in her book about Isabelle wife of Edward II, she says that Edward II was not murdered, but was taken away to the continent where he became a monastic recluse. And in later life his son Edward III travelled to Europe and they had a meeting.