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Pax Romana,I read Pillars of the Earth and mostly enjoyed it, except that some scenes are absolutely pornographic, which does not appeal to me. I heard that World without End is the same way so I have avoided it so far.One series I did enjoy is Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles, which is about King Arthur (although he's not king in this series). His Saxon tales is good, too, but a lot of it is a reworking of the Warlord Chonicles. I'm reading Cornwell's Agincourt now, which is just okay, but I'm too far into it to quit now.A King Arthur book that I do not recommend (although it has a stong legion of fans) is Firelord by Parke Godwin. It's an okay read, but the historical inaccuracy bothered me (e.g. the ambassador from Rome mentions that his son is an Augustinian monk, which is a religious order that did not exist at the time. Also, elsewhere in the book, a rider on horseback is described as standing up in the stirrups to get a better view. Unless I'm mistaken, there is no evidence of stirrups in Britain before the 7th century. Sorry I'm anal about accuracy, especially on things that are so easily corrected.)The best book I've read recently is the Autobiography of Henry VIII, by Margaret George. It is very well researched and well written. I recommend it to anyone who can find the time to read a 900-pager.