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Hi, Chris.  The trip was really enjoyable despite the rain.  I escaped very hot temps in OK, so it was actually nice to feel chilled in July somewhere else.  I am fine with the fact that folks have very busy lives.  My life is about to get much busier as I look to transition from one office to another.  I love reading/listening to books and will keep doing so.  Perhaps you and I can have a book club of two.  Others might join in.What I am listening to/re-listening to right now are the Harry Potter books.  We had a really great tour guide for a one day tour into England and the border region between Scotland and England.  She took us to Alnick Castle where most of the outdoor scenes for the first Harry Potter were shot.  She actually had a witches hat and wands of various woods.  She claimed to be a senashea (sp?), which is some kind of story teller who goes through loads of schooling.I thought a re-visit to Harry would be a way to keep connected to Scotland, a place I have come to really enjoy.